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Agerbæk, Lise
Linking learning e-portfolios to learning in social software environments

Albrechtslund, Anne-Mette
Gamers telling stories: Understanding game experience through narratives

Ainsworth, Shaaron E., Ralph Barthel and Mike Sharples
Negotiating perspective with video pathways

Begum, Umme Kulsum Ara 
Digitization of libraries in Bangladesh: A step forward to meet millennium development goals?

Briggs, Jo
Digital literacies and the construction of identity in Northern Ireland: A practical methodology

Calvi, Licia and Verónica Donoso
Re-engineering content and simplifying use: Learning biodiversity in a new digital context

Clark, Wilma
Wiki as semiosphere: students’ meaning making practices as authors and consumers of digital texts in the secondary school science classroom

Condeza, Rayén
In search of youth social fingerprints on the Web: The communication strategies used by the Chilean teenagers in the educational movement of May, 2006

Fritzbørger, Karen, Morten Jaeger, Anders Flemming Jensen, Morten Misfeldt, Max Møller and Klaus Meier Olsen
The Challenge Game: Improving Collaboration in the Construction Sector

Frolunde, Lisbeth
Animated symbols: a model of reflection applied to a study of how young people author animation films

Frolunde, Lisbeth, Øystein Gilje, Fredrik Lindstrand and Lisa Öhman-Gullberg
Methodologies for tracking learning paths in the Making a filmmaker research study of young Nordic filmmakers

Gilje, Øystein
Literacy across modes: An exploration of filmmaking production practices

Grund, Cynthia M. and Jesper Pilegaard
Percipitopia: An educational and research tool utilizing digital content creation and textual reappropriation in second life

Grønning, Anette
Online chat guidance: improving competence?

Haferkamp, Nina and Nicole C. Krämer
Creating a digital self: Impression management and impression formation on social network sites

Hansen, Thomas K.
The Teacher in the Machine: The technological Trinity

Hashemi, Sylvana Sofkova and Ylva Hård af Segerstad
The role of digital text creation in the writing of schoolchildren

Johansson, David and Simon Winter
Designing authoring tools for m-learning geo-games

Jökulsson, Stefán
Students in Space

Kivelä, Mikael and Jarkko Mylläri
Making sense of content creation in the physical and virtual in Primary School

Kofoed, Peter and Tove Arendt Rasmussen
Digital storytelling and community branding: Experiences from workshops about user generated audiovisual content

Kynäslahti, Heikki, Lasse Lipponen, Seppo Tella, Sanna Vahtivuori-Hänninen and Olli Vesterinen
The characteristics of volition in media literacy

Kynäslahti, Heikki, Lasse Lipponen, Jarkko Mylläri, Seppo Tella, Sanna Vahtivuori-Hänninen and Olli Vesterinen
Towards user created content in mobile learning

Kupiainen, Reijo, Juha Olavi Suoranta and Tere Vadén
Social media and levels of freedom

Larsen, Lasse Juel and Lars Bo Løfgreen
The ‘taking place’ of leaning in computer games: Qualitative studies on
learning strategies in digital media

Liboriussen, Bjarke
Nesting in the Internet: Building in Online Worlds

Meyer, Bente
Learning English as a second language through game-based design: Reflections on performance and teacher/learner roles

Misfeldt, Morten
Semiotic Instruments: Understanding the Digital Infrastructure for
Mathematical Activity

Morimoto, Yosuke
Give a voice to junior high school students: From the Takatsuki Media Literacy Project

Niinistö, Hanna
Electracy and pedagogy

Paavilainen, Janne
Mobile game prototyping with the Wizard of Oz

Philipsen, Heidi
Rules can further creativity in film making processes

Pietrobruno, Sheenagh
Virtual Collections: Archive Building on the Internet

Romic, Bojana
Culture gaps: Communication with the IT illiterate

Spikol, Daniel
Exploring novel learning practices through co-designing mobile games co-design

Staffans, Simon
Developing cross media and interactive services for edutainment purposes. Conclusions from the development work on the project The Space Trainees

Svoen, Brit
Targeting young people? The educational film in a digital environment

Thestrup, Klaus
A cultural media pedagogy: Media playing and children in a knowledge-based society

Weight, Jenny
Learning space(s)

Westin, Jonathan
Loss of culture: The translation of an analogue occurrence to a digital space

Norbert Wildermuth
Learning to use the Internet beyond Orkut: Computer literacy initiatives in Recife, Brazil