Conference papers

Nemane Bieldt, Auckland University of Technology
Building a transformative museum? Getting to ‘Our Place’ through the creative industries lens: a case study from New Zealand

Elisabeth Bodin and Line Ali Chayder, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Let’s meet – Louisiana Learning

Kitt Boding-Jensen, Karen Johanne Kortbek and Tinna Møbjerg, Museum Midtjylland - Herning Museum and The Alexandra Institute A/S
Digital threads: transforming the museum experience of prehistoric finds in the landscape

Annelise Bothner-By, Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Anne Birkeland, University of Oslo
The garden of stairs. Combining spatial and social experience in an educational geology installation

Daniela Büchten, National Library of Norway
What is the memory of the nation? From web vote to exhibition: an experiment

Koula Charitonos, Canan Blake, Eileen Scanlon and Ann Jones, The Open University
Trajectories of learning across museums and classrooms 

Alma Leora Culén, University of Oslo
Transforming children´s museums by designing exhibits with children

Mette Irene Dahl, Arts Council of Norway and Dagny Stuedahl, University of Oslo 
Transforming children’s participation and learning in museums: from singular dialogues to a multilayered explorative experience 

Sophia Diamantopoulou, University of London; Eva Insulander, Stockholm University; Gunther Kress, University of London; and Fredrik Lindstrand, University of Gävle
Making meaning in an exhibition: technologies, agency and (re-)design 

DREAM panel
Museum foyers as spaces of communication and interaction
Christian H. Mortensen, Maja Rudloff and Vitus Vestergaard, DREAM, University of Southern Denmark
The Museum foyer: structuring and affording vistitor behaviour

DREAM panel
Museum foyers as spaces of communication and interaction
Kirsten Drotner, Line V. Knudsen, Erik Kristiansen, Ditte Laursen, Rikke Olafson and Celia E. Simonsen, DREAM, Roskilde University and University of Southern Denmark
The museum lobby as a transformative space

Valeria Finocchi and Dunja Radetic, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Learning through art history: the multimedia centre and visual art lab about “Pordenone”

Thomas Hillman, Alexandra Weilenmann and Beata Jungselius, University of Gothenburg
Creating live experiences with real and stuffed animals: the use of mobile technologies in museums

Nanna Holdgaard, IT University of Copenhagen
Museum Facebook Useres…..Who are the?

Thessa Jensen and Peter Vistisen, Aalborg University
Transforming learning and visitor participation as a basis for developing new business opportunities in an outlying municipality: a case study of Hjørring Municipality and Børglum Monastery, Denmark

Lise Kapper and Leslie Ann Schmidt, Brandts 
From user surveys to action in the museum: how can we attract and engage young people?

Ditte Laursen, DREAM, University of Southern Denmark
Balancing accessibility and familiarity: digital media loans at the museum front desk
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Krista Lepik, University of Tartu
Transforming from a target group to a stakeholder: the potential of participation of handicraft hobbyists in an ethnographic museum

Linda Lotina, University of Tartu
Reviewing museum participation in online channels in Lativa

Morten Lund, Aalborg University
An agenda for designing natural interaction in a museum context 

Randi Marselis, University of Southern Denmark
Web, SNS and migration heritage: connecting with source communities 

Thérèse Martin, Charles de Gaulle University – Lille III
Issues involved with research while using a communicational device to understand children’s appropriation of the exhibition via museum experiences in their free time

Nuala Morse, Durham University
Community engagement, museums and organisational change: using Participatory Action Research to explore staff understandings of community engagement

Torill E. Mortensen, IT-University of Copenhagen
Transformed play: sharing resources for live-action roleplay and reenactment 

Irida Ntalla, City University
Interactivity and audience experience in the modern museum: discussing findings from case study on the ‘High Arctic’ immersive installation, National Maritime Museum, London

Vinnie Nørskov, Aarhus University
The profitable museum: accounts as communication

Simge Esin Orhun, Yıldız Technical University
A study on transforming the museums through interactive exhibiting

Nikos Palavitsinis, Effie Tsiflidou, Zoi Makrodimitri, Sofia Mavrogianni, Vassiliki Markaki, Stavros Ginis, Sofoklis Sotiriou and Xenophon Tsilibaris, Greek Research & Technology Network, Ellinogermaniki Agogi and Agro-Know Technologies
Enhancing educational activities in the museums through technology and pedagogy: the natural Europe experience

Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Taavi Tatsi, Pille Runnel and Agnes Aljas, University of Tartu and the Estonian National Museum
Methodological approaches to understanding audience participation in museums 

Mette Houlberg Rung, National Gallery of Denmark and Ditte Laursen, DREAM, University of Southern Denmark
Adding to the experience: use of smartphone applications by museum visitors

Pille Runnel and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Estonian National Museum
Theorising museum participation

Kjetil Sandvik, University of Copenhagen 
Mixed reality, ubiquitous computing and augmented spaces as format for communicating culture

Alice Semedo, University of Porto and Inês Ferreira, Porto City Council
Collaborative spaces for reflective practice

Morten A. Skydsgaard and Hanne Møller Andersen, University of Aarhus
An exhibition facilitating reflections and discussions about the body among youngsters

Dagny Stuedahl & Ole Smørdal, University of Oslo
Experimental zones: spaces for new forms of participation in museum exhibition development

Morten Søndergaard, Aalborg University
Electrohyping the disciplines: analyzing three modalities of research methodologies in the media art field: transdisciplinary domains, laboratoria systems and submedia designs

Christian Grund Sørensen, Aalborg University
Interface of immersion: exploring culture through immersive media strategy and multimodal interface 

Taavi Tatsi, University of Tartu and Estonian National Museum
Identity struggles of museum professionals: autonomous expertise and audience participation in exhibition production

Bjarki Valtysson, IT University of Copenhagen
Reaffirming museum power: locative media and the institutionalisation of space

Olga Van Oost, Vrije University Brussel 
Living lab methodology in museum studies: an exploration 

Vitus Vestergaard, University of Southern Denmark
The Hybrid Museum: Hybrid Economies of Meaning

Lise Sattrup and Christina Papsø Weber, ARKEN Museum of Modern Art
Communities of Practice as a method to develop literacies: an example based on educational practice at ARKEN Museum of Modern Art