DREAM (Danish Research Centre on Education and Advanced Media Materials) is passionate about facilitating transformative interaction and learning by developing new learning resources and services across formal, semi-formal and informal learning sites. In partnership with public and private stakeholders, we:

  • produce robust scientific studies of innovative forms of learning to inform future-directed teaching and learning
  • shape new learning resources through user-led approaches and prototyping to support new forms of technology-assisted learning
  • share theory-driven evidence and best practices to advance the quality and usability of learning resources and 21st-century skills
  • sustain spaces of dialogue and debate between creative industries, developers of educational ict and media, and the learning sector to stimulate knowledge exchange and creative experimentation of wider societal impact.

DREAM is a national research consortium, currently comprising two Danish universities, three university departments, a research library, three Danish museums and galleries and one science centre. More about us

We work in close collaboration with a number of international partners and associates in Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA. More about our international partners.