PhD-course papers

Rikke Haller Baggesen, Royal School of Library and Information Science
Mobile mediation of fashion by museums

Inês Ferreira, Porto City Council
Museums in the twenty-first century: the importance of critical thinking and creative thinking

Lasse Burri Gram-Hansen, Royal School of Library and Information Science
Persuasive design and digital mediation of cultural heriatage

Maj Klindt, University of Copenhagen
Framing the musum/museum frames

Gertrud Latif Knudsen
Strategic stakeholder communication in a dynamic perspective: expectations to the local city museum 

Line Vestergaard Knudsen, DREAM, Roskilde University
The map of danish rock history: user involvement in early stage development of a digital museum project

Krista Lepik, University of Tartu
Cultural participation of audiences in EstonianPublic Knowledge Institutions

Linda Lotina, University of Tartu
Resource attraction as participatory activity in the museums in Latvia

Elisa Mandelli, Ca’ Foscari University
Understanding the transformative museum: a look at the past

Nuala Morse, Durham University
Youth led exhibition making: intentions, rhetoric and reality 

Christian Hviid Mortensen, University of Southern Denmark
Radio as intangible heritage 

Rakel Pétursdóttir, University of Iceland
Credibility and fictions 

Raquel Barros Pinto, Nelson Zagalo and Lia Raquel, University of Minho
The storytelling as a process of artistic and cultural appropriation: travel in the work of Hieronymus Bosch mediated by a tangible surface

Rolf Steier, University of Oslo
Exploring digital methods for understanding visitor interactions in an art museum 

Taavi Tatsi, University of Tartu
Transformations of museum-embedded cultural expertise

Varpu Tissari, University of Helsinki
Theoretical and analytical approaches to understand situated dynamics of interaction and intertextuality across school and museum settings